a walk in the park: animation.

Hey all! I've animating the walk cycles for my dinos and I figured I'd post an update. These are not the final animations, but since I'm going to go back and delete frames anyways, you may as well see them in their more true form. Enjoy! :)


a walk in the park: preproduction & production.

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a minute, I've been quite busy with my college capstone.  This is the largest and most tedious project in my degree. So large in fact, that it has taken two quarters to complete.  Since I started this blog after my first quarter of work, I figured it'd be best to start from the beginning. :)

From the start I have known that I wanted to use my character Lord Beasley the British bronto and his more recently created wife, Lady Saffron the Serendipitous stegosaurus.  In order to save me time, I have been referring to them as Bronto and Stega.

Lord B's concept sketch for modeling

Lady S's modeling ref

After I drew them up, I storyboarded.  This was probably my favorite part of the project. :D

Of course, I was also modeling, rigging, lighting, and texturing my two characters as well as creating an environment for them to picnic in. This was tricky because I was taking classes on some of these techniques while working on (and the quarter after!) this project.

wire frame w/rigs
test render & aging
As you can see from my test render, I am going for a very cartoony, almost clay-mation look.  In order to create a more stop motion feel, I'll also be playing with the frame rate when I start my real renders.

Animation is the step I am in the middle of now, and I should be pretty much done by Friday. After that will be my cloth sim (see panels 15-18). I may end up posting a few playblasts, but for now I think I will leave you with my refined animatic. :)

Sorry this was such a long post, I promise in the future to aim for weekly updates in order to prevent another overload. Thanks for reading everyone!