mmm, fresh blog.

That's right kiddies, I now have one. :D

Though I'd like to mainly use this to showcase my capstone step by step, this evening I would like to show the progression of my watamelon girlie.  She's the first thing I've drawn AND FINISHED for fun in a long time, so I naturally took a little longer and paid more attention to what I was doing.

As most masterpieces, it started with a sketch.

I prefer to start with blue pencil on paper because it feels more natural...and I'm SUPER messy. The ballpoint pen is just for clarification...and to cure the boredom that was the last day of hard surface modeling class.

Next I go into Photoshop and kind of clean it up...

The final line art, and the revision. I realized she was a little pointed in places and her arm was practically her leg. Still Photoshop.

Yay illustrator!
My first two variations. the right was the original, my soft color scheme was inspired by the lovely artist pyawakit from deviantART and the left was the same image with a purple color burn. It was kind of fun, but not a popular as the original.

After polling the two images and tweaking the winner, I came up with this. It could probably use a texture or two, but overall I'm quite satisfied.

Well guys, that's it. Hopefully I didn't sound too pompous or scare you away with the incredible cuteness.  If you'd like to see more, you should most definitely start following this blog and/or hit me up through one of my other sites. G'night!